How to embroider a duplicate knit stitch

Embroidering stitches ontop of your knitting allows you to make amazing designs and skip the intarsia for simpler projects. In this video I'm knitting up a Purlsoho pattern, monogram hats for everyone, and I'm working an R for Rory, our little niece. 

This video shows how to embroider a duplicate knit stitch ontop of a finished stockinette piece. You'll need about 24 inches of working yarn cut from the skein, a tapestry needle, and a finished product that you want to embroider. It also helps to have a chart for working the pattern, I usually use a spreadsheet and I highlight where I want my stitches to be, this allows me to count easily.

PS: Purlsoho has a great written tutorial and charts for the alphabet for duplicating stitches.