Left and right cross cable knitting

Often I hear from beginner knitters that they love the look of cable knitting, but they're too intimidated to try it. I believe that cable knitting is accessible to all knitter levels, especially if you keep the pattern simple. The Traveling Cable Hat pattern from Purl Soho is a great way to dive into cable knitting. You can also get started with my Humboldt Cable Cowl, which has one big chunky cable running through the middle. It's knit using Madelinetosh ASAP, which is perfect for checking out new patterns because it knits up fast. Both of these patterns explain the cable cross without using a chart. 

When you're working with cables you'll need a cable needle. There are many different sizes and shapes of cable needles, and I got started using the Clover U shaped cable needles. They're plastic and have a really nice curve to them which makes it easy to hang and hold your stitches. In this video I'm using a set of straight bamboo cable needles (also from Clover). These cable needles have bumps on either end which hold the stitches on the needle, and they're good for working quickly by knitting directly off of the cable needle instead of transferring (a more advanced technique).  

Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy cable knitting!