A-Frame hat bindoff

This bindoff is very similar to the kitchener stitch, except it's worked with three double pointed needles (dpns). I use it for working the horizontal top of an a-frame hat pattern. 


  • three double pointed needles
  • 14 inch tail of your working yarn

The set up can be a little intimidating, but just move carefully and hold onto the ends of your needles. Put an even number of stitches on the front and back needles; in my example I have 12 stitches total (6 on the front and 6 on the back). Cut a 14 inch tail of your working yarn. Then you're going to want to turn your hat inside out, which is the scary part. The reason to do this is so that your bind off is hidden on the inside of the hat once you're done. In my video I start with the hat wrong side out. 

Line up the front and back dpns and work the stitch by picking up one stitch from the front and one from the back. Knit two stitches like this and then use the front dpn to pull the first stitch over the second - creating your first bound off stitch. You can also wait to do the bind off at the end, which is what I did in the video.

Work all the stitches like this until you have one left and then tie it off normal. Turn your hat right side out, weave in the end and you're done!