Holiday Shopping for Knitters


Picking out the perfect gift for the knitters in our lives usually has us standing in front of the shelves at our local knitting stores. We stare into the cubbies and let ourselves get overwhelmed by the options: color, texture, material, price, weight (what even is that?), and God forbid you pick out something acrylic ;-). The truth about knitters and gifts is that while we do love getting a good skein in our stocking, we will treasure the new tools and books for years. So this year I put together a knitters' Holiday list cheat sheet packed with needles, scissors, unique tools and books. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Starting from the top left (Some of the images have multiple types of tools in them; I have listed each of those items as well below): 

  • Twig & Horn square gauge ruler: $15 (twig&horn)
  • Twig & Horn wool soap: $17.50 (twig&horn)
  • Twig & Horn wool yarn bowl: $75 (twig&horn)
  • Wool Tree Mill single knitting spindle: $54.50 - $62.50 (wool tree mill)
  • Gingher knife edge shears: $39.00 SALE: $23.91 (amazon)
  • Gingher embroidery scissors: $29.99 SALE: $16.96 (amazon)
  • Gingher thread nippers: $25.99 SALE: $15.08 (amazon)
  • Clover bent tapestry needles: $4.58 (amazon)
  • Clover plastic cable needles: $2.66 (amazon)
  • KA Bamboo cable needles: $16.40 (purlsoho)
  • Baggu leather stash clutch: $68.00 - $98.00 (purlsoho)
  • Clover thread scissors: $17.80 (purlsoho)
  • Merchant and Mills baby bow scissors: $10 (purlsoho)
  • Merchant and Mills bespoke measuring tape: $9.50 (purlsoho)
  • Knitted Cable Sourcebook: $21.21 (amazon)
  • Knitbot Essentials: $22 (amazon)
  • Stitch Encyclopedia: $16.72 (amazon)
  • Journey A Collaboration: $26.95 (amazon)
  • Woolens: $32 (brooklyntweed)
  • Extra Yarn: $11.31 (amazon)