The Super Slouch

My love affair with the super slouch hat started with a request from my sister (pictured above). She currently lives in New York, where she needs a hat way more than I do. She has a lot of hair, so her request was for a simple, warm, comfy hat to tuck all those locks into. Also, when you have a lot of hair, there’s something magical about being able to throw on a hat on your way out the door without having to check the mirror. So with that in mind, I started scoping out patterns for my sister’s hat.

About the pattern, mine is a modified version of Purl Soho’s Simple Pleasures hat. I call my version the Super Slouch because I added a lot more oomph in the crown. I also adjusted the ribbing so that it’s a bit tighter around the brow. The reason why I did this is so that the wearer doesn’t have to cuff the brow if they want even more of the slouchy goodness. Then, after the ribbing, I put a few rows of increases in so that the crown has some roominess (this is the oomph).

About the yarn, there’s little I hate more than ichy wool. It’s a pain to work with, and no one likes to wear it. My rule is that if I’m going to spend the time making the knit thing for someone (or for myself for that matter… but these days I find myself knitting for others way more than I knit for myself), then I’m going to make it out of a material that they will enjoy. Spend the extra money on the nice stuff, and you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of the day to day wear. For my first Super Slouch I chose Madelinetosh Chunky in Charcoal. Since this first hat, I’ve made them in many other colors from Madelinetosh. Recently I made a hat for a very special lady out of Quince and Co’s Puffin in Crow. I am very excited about this hat and there are pics and a story coming soon. Working with Quince and Co yarn was a dream, and I definitely see more of it in Things Knit’s future.

I think it’s safe to say that for now, this is my favorite hat pattern (and that’s not just because you can make it look like a squid is eating your head). That’s saying something, because just a few months ago I was completely obsessed with this 70s ski hat pattern, and ended up making about 20 hats with it.