Always be making

I've been making a sweater for a friend who lives out in New York for the past few weeks. It's been pretty great to let my knitter brain get absorbed in something new and challenging. What I've learned is that designing knit-wear beyond the simple hat, or scarf, etc. is super difficult. Who knew? (Answer: All the knitters) 

One project, two needles

Now that I'm coming down to the end of putting this sweater together, I've been thinking about a rule I made for myself a few years ago. This one is in a book I should write called, "The Knitters Golden Rules of Productivity." Rule one: Only one project on the needles at a time. Cast on, knit your project, finish it, repeat. 

Why the rule? 

I found that if I start too many projects, I never finish any of them. Sounds familiar, I know. The struggle is really for a lot of knitters. It's super exciting to cast on, and while it's a great feeling to have a finished product, for a lot of reasons projects can wind up hanging out on the needles. This is a safe space, you can admit to the guilt you feel when you see that unfinished project laying on your craft table. 

How it works. 

Like I said before, you cast on, then you knit your project, and then you finish it. It's an exercise in discipline and one of the tricks I've come by is keeping a running journal of all the projects I want to tackle with potential deadlines attached. I actually just bought this new journal to help organize. I can justify this purchase cause crafters always need more crafter crafts, right? 

If you find this rule interesting and want to try it out, I think you'll see that you power through a lot of projects. Often I'm asked how I can knit so prolifically, and I attribute it to this one rule. Try it out for a few seasons, or maybe the Christmas season and see how it goes. 

Be a weekly knitter

Leave it to me to put this rule on steroids. I've been knitting by the one project, two needles rule for a while now, so I need a new goal. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and see if I can't pull off knitting a project each week. The season of giving is upon us after all, so now is the time to light my needles on fire.

I'm kicking it off this week with a pair of leg warmers! I've made these in the past and plan on getting the pattern up on Ravelry as soon as I'm finished (which will ideally be this weekend if my math is right.)  I'm 1/2 done already, check it out: 

Like I said, pattern and photos of the finished project coming soon. If you wanna join in the weekly project fun, hit me up! I'd love to know what you're working on. 

Until next week, let those needles burn! ;-)