Fall is for layering and legwarmers


Every year my boyfriend and I take an early spring trip to Desolation Wilderness near Lake Tahoe. We like to stay a few nights on the rocks over looking Dick's Lake. This gives us a great vantage point of Lake Tahoe down below. Desolation is one of those places that commands its own weather. On one of these trips we spent the night getting buried under over a foot of snow; meanwhile we looked on down to Lake Tahoe and saw clear, sunny skies. Luckily we were prepared for the storm, but it did leave me wanting something cozy and knit to cuddle up to once we got into our tent. 

This year I decided to put together one of my favorite patterns for our upcoming Desolation trip. I actually made these on a whim a few years ago and sold a few pairs in my etsy store. Now, I've finally gotten around to two fall goals, I made a pair for myself and a pattern for you.  (Also available on Ravelry.)


I'm a big believer in backpacking clothes that look good and are comfortable. I used to do the dirtbag thing when I would go into the woods. My shirts often had holes in them, and my pants usually shouted some horribly unmatched pattern. I should attribute this to reading too many Patagonia catalogues, but through my years of backpacking adventures I've picked up a few tips on how to bring style and comfort into the woods with you. One of them has to do with making knitted accessories for myself that don't remind me of the itchy, marshmallow effect garments from my childhood. 

In October, when I'm pulling out my fall knits I sometimes find myself thinking about the "sexy not sexy" feel to them. Maybe it's the "what Grandma made" stereotype that's so often applied to knitters. Once a couple of co-workers admitted to me that they thought I was mormon because I wore "all the sweaters." I swear I'm not frumpafrump (but yes, I do have lots of sweaters in my dresser, and I love wearing them on cold fall and winter days). It surprises me that knitting and prudishness so often get paired together. Subscribe to Vogue Knitting and you'll see some good looking ladies in some very sexy knits. Lately I've been playing around with different accents that spice up traditional patterns. That's why these leg warmers have a cable running up the back that interrupts the stockinette.  I've always found nylons with a seam running up the back to be playful and elegant. The cable on these leg warmers are meant to mimic that line. I want whoever is wearing them to feel like they're throwing on something out of a ballet dancer's drawer.

There's something very "snow bunny" about leg warmers, and there's a lot of fun in feeling sexy, stylish and (most importantly) warm. This winter when we're skiing up to Dick's Pass in Desolation Wilderness, I'll be proudly sporting my cable leg warmers.